About Us

I'm Ally, the Founder of Soirée Miami Beach. I was born and raised in New Jersey, I know... the Mecca of fashion. I went to Syracuse University, known for its freezing weather. I currently split my time between Miami and New York, a 26-year-old snowbird, as one might call me. With a life-long passion for the fashion industry and style, I knew I had to start my own line. Fast forward a few years… Soirée was born. Soirée was created based on the foundations of comfort, class, and confidence, bringing the most luxurious pieces to you, through the most high-end fabrics. My designs encompass the entire Miami Beach experience- from the beaches to nightlife glitz. Make the beach your runway! I hope you enjoy Soirée Miami Beach as much as I do! Each suit was made with love from Miami. Be the Best Dressed at the Beach!